Beyond the BBQ: What's the beef?

Burrowing Owls love Alberta Beef.

These bumper stickers remind us that Alberta beef is an important staple of our economic diet as well as our actual meal plan. But other than being part of a delicious dinner, what ELSE does that tasty steak on our plate do for us? To answer that question, Operation Grassland Community’s new blog will go Beyond the BBQ to explore ideas related to ranching, habitat stewardship, wildlife, and the relationships between those topics. In addition, Beyond the BBQ will take a look at some of our featured Operation Grassland Community members, and highlight the organizations we partner with as we work to ensure both the economic viability of ranching as well as the health of the land and the wildlife it supports.

Beyond the BBQ will be posted monthly within our News section, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions. If you have a topic that you’d like to see covered here, or wish to contribute as a guest writer, please contact OGC’s Communications Director Mara Erickson at mara.e.erickson(at)gmail(dot)com.

We hope you enjoy Beyond the BBQ!